AxionClip Promotional Paperclip

The Axionclip is the most exclusive promotional paperclip on the market. Its large print surface and various shape options make this a unique product with maximum impact.

Min. order: 2,500 AxionClips

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MarkClip Promotional Paperclip

Our best value clip, the original MarkClip was the first ever promotional paperclip. It's subtle shape and timeless design has proved its worth for over 20 years and it is still one of the best selling clips.

Min. order: 2,500 clips MarkClips

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WingClip Promotional Paperclip

The first and only promotional printed paperclip that is printed on both sides. Its ergonomic shape, large printable surface and double-sided imprint give it enormous impact and make it the perfect clip to get your message across.

Min. order: 2,500 WingClips

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CornerClip Promotional Paperclip

This paper binder was invented more than 100 years ago; a brilliant concept that remains very successful to this day. The CornerClip permanently binds multiple pages correspondence with your identity prominently displayed.

Min. order: 2,500 CornerClips

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BudgetClip Promotional Paperclip

The perfect solution for the smaller purchases, whereas the clip carries the same strong characteristics as the original promoclip. Instead of pad printing directly on the clip, printing is done digitally on a durable sticker.

Min. order: 1,000 BudgetClips.

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CollectClip Promotional Paperclip

One size larger and even stronger than the original PromoClip, the CollectClip (or ML Clip) with the patented 'D' bend is especially good for holding up to 40 sheets of paper!

Min. order: 500 CollectClips.

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MoneyClip Promotional MoneyClip

The largest clip in our range. This clever steel MoneyClip safely holds all your bank notes, credit cards and receipts. Its smooth surface offers large space for laser engraving your logo or message.

Min. order: 50 MoneyClips.

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